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Appraisal and Estimates



The aim of our jewellery appraisal is to estimate, determine and establish the value and quality of precious, fine, decorative ans collector’s stones.

  • Authentification and certification of precious, fine and decorative stones.
  • Authentification and certification of synthetic stones, artificial stones or copies.
  • Identification of treatments made to stones.
  • 4C grading for diamonds.


For insurances

  • Appraisal for insurance purposes (cash value).
  • Post damage valuation (value in use).

For lawyers and solicitors

  • For inheritances and successions (value of division).

For jewellers

  • Creation of an identity index card.

For private individuals

  • In case of sale from owner to owner.
  • In replacement value (cash value or value in use).
  • For sharing and inheritance.


  • An estimate can be made free from obligation. If the estimate suits you, we can estimate your pieces either in our jewellery appraisal office or in your place of residence.
  • We guarantee confidentiality for all our appraisals.
  • The appraisal consists in a detailed analysis of the pieces.
  • The fees are charged on an hourly rate (from 60 CHF/hour).
  • Filing fees and insurance fees can be levied.